Gravel bikes available in India that you can buy right now

I hear a lot of readers complaining that we are starved for gravel bikes here in India. Well as 2023 begins not only do we have a great collection of gravel bikes ready to buy, but some of the manufacturers are often throwing in a decent discount on the 2022 models.

Here is a list of gravel bikes available in India as of January 2023

1. United Gavriil

United Gavriil Gravel Bike Available In India

There's a reason this bike is on the top of my list, because I spent my hard-earned money on this bike in 2022. Last year I've done almost 17000 km on this bike through mud snow and more.

You can follow that journey on Instagram but needless to say its the first gravel bike by the Indonesian brand and the value it offers for its under 1.5L price is immense. No other manufacturer offers a full Shimano GRX build with their top of the line 812 RD in this price. A very well sorted bike that will do anything you ask of it.

Available with United Bike India.  MRP ~ ₹1,40,000

2. Cinelli Zydeco King

 Cinelli Zydeco King Gravel Bike Available In India

Besides owning one of the most revered badge in cycling, King Zydeco is Cinelli's chosen path into the adventure bike world. The versatile gravel-inspired design is perfectly suited for long distance exploration, with space for 700c x 47c or 27.5 x 2.1 wheels and tyres. This unique frame allows you to ride fast on asphalt or rough terrain with plenty of space for bags. The carbon monocoque construction and racing geometry make this frame light and extremely fast. Perfectly suitable for long distance gravel races and also ready for bike packing explorations.

The King Zydeco is equipped with a Kevlar shield on the underside of the downtube to protect the paintwork and carbon fibre when riding off-road. Cinelli have also introduced the dual response system, which increases stiffness in the lower part of the frame, this greatly improves pedalling efficiency and power transfer, while keeping the upper supple enough to be comfortable.

The fork can be swapped between 47 to 52mm rake by the use of an innovative flip-chip in the fork dropout.

Available with Wheels On The Road. Pricing On Demand. View Catalog on Whatsapp

3. Giant Revolt 2 and 1

Giant Revolt 1 Gravel Bike Available In India

You cant really go wrong with the world's largest bicycle company but in addition to the strong brand name the Revolt aluminium series offers exceptional value for Money.

The new frame features thinner, dropped seat-stays to absorb road shocks and vibrations. D-Fuse handlebar and seatpost work as a system to add compliance without sacrificing stiffness while cornering, sprinting or climbing.

A flip chip on the rear dropout adjusts the wheelbase short for quicker handling and acceleration, or long for improved stability at speed. The long setting allows for larger diameter tires up to 53mm. You can choose the included D-Fuse seatpost for maximum compliance, or switch to a 30.9mm round or dropper post.

Giant Revolt 1 available with Bums On The Saddle and Giant India - MRP ~ ₹1,52,000.
Giant Revolt 2 available with Giant India - MRP ~ ₹ 1,17,000

4. Marin DSX 1 and 2

Marin Bikes DSX Gravel Bike Available In India

While purists may scoff at flat bar gravel bikes we at Gear Lama love them. Flat bars afford immense control and stability on really gnarly stuff. But what you gain in stability you lose in poor aerodynamics. The DSX is a flat bar gravel bike based on Marin's Gestalt X drop bar platform.

Built with Series 3 aluminium frames and carbon forks it comes with large tire clearance, low standover, hydraulic disc brakes. The DSX is the mountain biker’s gravel bike with familiar hand positioning, reliable 1x drivetrains, large tire clearance, and dropper post routing for better off road control, and on road descending stability.

Marin DSX 1 available with D Byk Store & Blue Wheel Cycles. MRP ~ ₹83,000
Marin DSX 2 available with D Byk Store. MRP ~ ₹95,000

5. Posst Oblique

Probably the most accomplished and definitely the best looking gravel bike, and its made here in India! 

The frame is made from lightweight high strength select Columbus steel tubes for compliance, long life, and unique comfort. The T47 bottom bracket ensure ideal energy transfer. We custom developed the flat-mount. The shaped rear stays and forks can take tire clearance up to 700×45c. The Columbus carbon fork with mount/eyelets for bikepacking, incorporates a 47/52 multi-rake system to keep the trail dimensions under control.

Oblique comes only with Campagnolo Ekar, this multi-terrain 13spd groupset delivers the brand's iconic durability, proprietary ergonomics and rich heritage crafted into the world's lightest gravel groupset.

Fitted with components from Fulcrum, Deda, Farr, Repente and Goodyear, this is the ultimate gravel adventure bike in India for anyone with an appetite for high quality and reliability.

Available with Posst Bikes. MRP ~ ₹2,90,000

6.  Scolarian MudFest 

Scolarain Mudfest Gravel Bike Available In India

What we reckon is the best bang for buck gravel bike in the market. If your budget is about ₹ 1L then look no further.

The Scolarian Mudfest features a high-quality double butted chromoly steel frame and is fitted with a light and reliable Microshift AdventX 1x10 drivetrain.

Available with Scolarian Bikes. MRP ~ ₹1,05,000

7. Decathlon Triban RC120 Gravel Bike 

Decathlon Triban RC120 Gravel Bike Available In India

Decathlon says that their new gravel bike has been designed “make it easy to discover gravel riding.” We concur, this is the cheapest yet one of the most important bikes in our list because it makes superb starter machine to get masses in road and gravel cycling.

It rides and handles well, the parts are perfectly functional, and the company did well to avoid the most critical easy mistakes (like goofy geometry or poor gearing). Even the external cable routing is ideally suited for someone just starting to learn how to fix their own bike.

Available with Decathlon India. MRP ~ ₹59,999

8. Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel (Frame Only)

Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel Frame Available In India

For many cyclists a titanium bike is their dream. Titanium is half the weight of steel, twice as strong as aluminium, very resistant to fatigue, and doesn't corrode. There's also distinctive ride quality to titanium that has created legions of followers. 

"The Van Nicholas Rowtag is a new titanium bike that's capable of fast gravel blasts and multi-day adventure rides. It isn't the quickest off the line, but if you want stability, versatility, and durability, you really can't go wrong here." - -

Available with Cyclop. MRP ~ ₹ 2,48,000

9. Chapter2 AO Gravel (Frame Only)

Chapter2 AO Gravel Bike Available In India

The AO — the name means “earth” in Maori — is a bike that really embodies the all-round, go-almost-anywhere versatility of a good gravel bike. It offers plenty of performance through its light, stiff and comfortable carbon chassis, while clever features throughout add versatility.

The AO has been specially designed to excel in all the variable conditions. With 42mm tire clearance with 700C wheels and the ability to accept 650B wheels at 47mm tire clearance, the AO can be fitted with 5 water bottles, dropper post, panniers, and mudguards making it an adventurer’s perfect multi-tool.

Whether you are racing fast gravel events or long distance brevets the AO’s ability to adjust its rear centre by up to 15mm will let you adjust its agility levels to suit your every need and desire, including running road tires for that one bike does it all quiver killer.

Available with Cyclop in Black and Silver. MRP ~ 2,00,000

10. Veloci Jimmy V2 (Frame Only)

Veloci Jimmy V2 (Frame Only) Gravel Bike available in India

Originally released back in 2019, the Jimmy from Taiwan-based Veloci is a drop-bar adventure rig designed around 27.5″ wheels, reasonably wide tires, a chromoly steel frame, and a carbon fork. 

Inherited the same great geometry from last version, Jimmy V.2 is compatible with SHIMANO Di2 now & features with our new sexy steel fin dropout. Our seamless, heat-treated, multi-butted MKPT Cromoly tubing provides great balance of weight of durability. Jimmy V.2 is still paired with No.11 carbon fork to provide you various loading options. Good stuff such as stealth dropper post routing, top tube ‘fuel’ bag mounts and ED black coating inside out still remains for sure.

The Veloci Jimmy V.2 maintains clearance for 27.5 x 2.1″ or 700 x 45mm tires, uses standard 12mm thru-axles front and back, and has a trusty 68mm BSA threaded bottom bracket.

Available with VittiTrading. MRP ~ ₹80,000


11. Trek Boone 6

Trek Boone 6 CX Gravel Bike Buy In India

Primarily a CX bike but works great as a gravel racing rig too! The Boone 6 Disc is a carbon cyclocross racing bike that's built for crushing any CX course – even the most legendary on the UCI circuit. The sleek, lightweight carbon frame has terrain-smoothing Rear IsoSpeed and is trimmed with parts that perform in any conditions, like a robust GRX drivetrain, vibration-absorbing handlebar and powerful disc brakes that deliver stopping power on bumpy, muddy terrain.

Available with Trek India. MRP ~ ₹ 3,03,000


Here are a few other bikes with the gravel moniker. However, most of them are endurance road-bikes or touring bikes equipped with road group-sets. This does not make them unsuitable for gravel but it is just something that the rider should be to be aware of.

12. Sunpeed Charon

Sunpeed Charon gravel bike available in India for ₹ 76,000

It comes with 2x9 speed Shimano Sora and an aluminium frame with 700 x 40c tyres.

Available with Choose My Bicycle. MRP ~ ₹ 76,000

13.  Sunpeed Kepler

Sunpeed Kepler gravel bike available in India for ₹ 64,000

The Sunpeed Kepler - Gravel Bike comes with a Shimano Claris 2x8-Speed drivetrain and an aluminium frame with 700 x 40c tyres.

Available with Choose My Bicycle. MRP ~ ₹ 64,000

14. Fuji Jari

Fuji Jari gravel bike available in India for ₹ 1,40,000

A beautiful looking bike in a lovely colour. Designed to take on gravel races, light touring, bikepacking or pretty much whatever you can throw at it. The Jari is a chameleon that seamlessly changes into whatever you need it to be. Long, slack geometry provides a stable and confidence-inspiring ride no matter what the terrain, allowing you to comfortably grind gravel or tackle tarmac all day long.

Available with Mad Over Biking. MRP ~ ₹ 1,40,000


15. Polygon Bend R2

Built for adventure on the untraveled paths, handle big miles, explore the forest and fire roads. The Polygon Bend R was designed with a taller head tube for greater comfort and a more upright riding position.

Available with The Bike Affair at 12% Discount. MRP ~ ₹ 75,000

16. Trek Domane AL 3 Disc

Trek Domane AL 3 Disc gravel bike buy in India

Domane AL 3 Disc is a smooth, stable and super fun road bike. It's a blast on everything from longer loops to group rides and even light gravel trails. The lightweight and comfortable frame features a road-smoothing carbon fork, quality parts and a wide range of gears ready for bigger adventures.

Buy with Trek India. MRP ~ 1,04,000

17. Marin Steel All Road Lineup - Marin Nicasio, Marin Four Corners

The Nicasio is for the rider looking for something different and modern, yet with traditional steel construction. Classic lines and CrMo frame tubes have the soul of a classic bike, with the geometry and 700C x 30mm (up to 40mm) tires to let riders handle any surface. Don't forget to watch our review of the Marin Nicasio and the Marin Four Corners.

Marin Nicasio gravel bike buy in India

Marin Nicasio available with D Byk Store. MRP ~ 67,000
Marin Four Corners available with D Byk Store. MRP ~ 82,000  

18. Marin Aluminium All Road Lineup - Marin Gestalt, Marin Lombard

Marin Gestalt Gravel Bike Available in India

The Gestalt is for the drop bar rider that doesn’t want to stick to pavement, and can’t help but get dirty no matter the route. Long-distance commuters and all-weather riders will appreciate the fender and rack mounts and the sure-stopping disc brakes, and the larger volume tires are right at home on that unexpected detour.

Marin Gestalt available with D Byk Store. MRP ~ 72,000
marin Lombard Available with D Byk Store. MRP ~ 79,000

So that brings us to the end of our list. There is a lot of value in buying a gravel bike because of the immense versatility it offers. We hope you found our list useful and if you did do follow us on Instagram and YouTube for more gravel related content.