Gear Lama - What's new in version 2.0

Gear Lama - India's bicycle and gear search engine

Yes LamaSearch is back in its updated avatar! And its bigger and better than before. Here are 5 important changes that will make yours - an Indian cyclist's - life easier and better.

1. New design language

More images, colours and cards galore! Search results are now shown as happy & bright cards. Cards are a User Interface (UI) element that makes results easier to browse and scan and they can be stacked based on device screen width which brings us to point below

2. Support for bigger screens

We use bigger monitors at work. Even at home we have access to HD screens like the iPad. We've made it easier to browse search results on these high-definition screens. Based on screen width, we show 2 to 4 and even 6 search results per row. Moreover, it is completely responsive. Turn your phone from portrait to landscape mode and back and see what we mean.

3. Similar Products

A long standing feature request. Clicking on "Similar" button lists all gear that is similar to this product. Similar products from "same brand", similar "type" of products, "similar category" of products.

4. Free Shipping

We love surprises but we hate surprises that cost money. Which is why we explicitly tag products that come with free shipping. Less surprises is always a good thing when it comes to your hard earned money. This is a work in progress as we incorporate more products but rest assured our lama minions are hard at it.

5. Varied Sources

Cycling is not an isolated sport. We cyclists are runners, hikers, backpackers, travellers and more. Which is why we are happy to announce that we're adding new outdoor partners to LamaSearch starting with Gambol India. Gambol deals with premier outdoor brands like Vibram, Asics, Luna and more and we're excited to have them on board.